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With roots in Hong Kong, Southwest Securities International Securities Limited (listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Stock Code: 812) is the subsidiary of Southwest Securities Co., Ltd. (listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, Stock Code: 600369), which is committed to establishing an integrated investment platform for the provision of various cross-border financial services for clients.

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Online Quote System

An online streaming quotes application provides abundant market information equipped with interactive analytic charts, real-time stock market information and pioneered Teletext Screen. Its comprehensive functionalities help investors to deploy more sophisticated investment plans in short order. 

If you are not our online quote member, welcome to download the Application Form (Chinese Only).


Bond Connect

Bond Connect is a new initiative for mutual access between Hong Kong and China bond markets through a cross-border platform that facilitates the efficient trading by overseas institutional investors in China bond market. Bond Connect northbound trading kicked off on July 3, while southbound trading will be explored at a later stage.

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