Wealth Management


Each investment consultant in Southwest Securities (HK) Wealth Management Limited, backed by the powerful and integrated support from product team, helps clients achieve comprehensive wealth management goals in Greater China and in the world. Combining the research support of Mainland China and Hong Kong, the company takes insight in the cross-border opportunities of all the assets class from global major capital markets, and provides services including cash management and financing, investment management, wealth planning, and insurance planning.

Investment Products:
All the investment products are controlled by rigorous risk management system, and powered by the company’s deep insight of investment strategy. The company builds its wealth management investment products system by covering all assets class and global major markets. In order to support the consultants to help clients achieve personal investment objectives, the company provides products covering equity, fixed income, and alternative assets in Hong Kong and other major capital markets. In addition, the company also provides comprehensive investment services to cross-border individuals and institutional clients.

Insurance Products:
The company offers a whole range of insurance products provided by internationally-renowned insurers with A to AAA Standard & Poor's Ratings. Famed for their expertise and excellent reputation within the industry, the consultants always give professional analysis and opinions that boost clients’ confidence.